Not meant to convey some deep message or social statement, my paintings rather, are an interpretation of our world, a celebration of the life and world God gave us.

My painting goal is creation of images by choice of subject, technique and presentation that allow the viewer to have at least a moment of peace and hopefully a pleasant thought or memory.  There are enough daily shocks in this life and I feel no need to add to them.

The message will be the viewers own.  I only hope to provide the stimulus.


Ken Marsden

Janesville, Wisconsin


I work hard at simplification, often painting a subject over many times in an effort to get the essence and avoid overworking the painting.

As for style, it is a blend between impressionism and realism with more leaning toward realism than the other, using transparent watercolors of high quality on Losin’s Moldau paper with its fine linen content weave.

Evolution of my work has been just the normal progression of development of technique and awareness of pigment behavior that comes with 70 years of painting (My aunt started me very young.)

I have pretty much but not completely focused on Northern Wisconsin and its people.  I often violate that and venture over the border into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for subjects and down to Galena, Illinois, my birthplace, because of its unique architecture.

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