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Marsha LaTulip

LaTulip Pottery & Tile Works
Garden, Michigan

Owner and founder of LaTulip Pottery & Tile Works, Marsha LaTulip has worked in clay for over 25 years.  Marsha originally majored in psychology and human development at the University of Wisconsin before she took a class in ceramics.  She quickly and unexpectedly realized her joy of working with chunks of mud to create something worthwhile.  She began discovering that occasionally her efforts produced items that others found valuable.  This led to further experimentation with the medium and ultimately a career as a ceramic artist.


Then while visiting a friend living on the beautiful Garden Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, she found her second love affair that in the North woods.  She decided on this visit that this would be her home and has been ever since.  Her work intimately reflects the fact that she spends a lot of time in the woods, on her farm or otherwise enjoying nature.  As a result of these similar connections, her surroundings are directly present in the works she creates.

While all handmade pottery is unique, she extends the individuality by actually incorporating natural objects into her work.  She uses Maple, Birch, and Oak Leaves, Cedar Boughs, and other media directly into creating her platters, vases, mugs, and bowls.  This results in a selection of ceramic art that both represents and recreates the unique beauty of this region.  She carefully had paints to enhance each impression.  Finally each piece is fired to 2165 degrees Fahrenheit leaving the artwork both decorative and functional.

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