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Amber Kleeman

Mixed Media
Munising, Michigan

Ever since I could remember, art has been a major part of my life. Back in my preschool days, I was always drawing pictures. This continued to bloom into a full grown love of art and desire to expand my talents. My insatiable appetite for  learning was fed by art classes throughout elementary, middle, and high school. But in time, my love for art became much more than a silly girl's dream. 

Over the years, I have been part of a couple different art shows. Every spring, I would display my art in the annual Hometown Art Show. This led to my being awarded by the judges four times throughout my elementary and high school career. This show also allowed two of my pieces to be chosen as the Best of the Show. I did also have the wonderful opportunity to be part of a region wide competition at Lake Superior State University, in which my piece was awarded second place. These achievements helped me to believe in myself and wash away any doubt I had as to whether or not I could be a successful artist. So I then moved on to the next step: selling my work.

I have tried a couple of different avenues to do this. My attempts have included getting specific requests from a client base, selling work directly online, as well as putting some pieces up for sale in a store. But now I have the amazing chance to be a part of the UP~Scale Art Gallery, where I hope to make an official start for myself as an artist and make all those dreams a reality!

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