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Elizabeth Delene

Native Art - Jewelry


Growing up at her grandmother's knee in the western U.P., Elizabeth Delene learned that nothing was ever to be wasted.  And so it was that as she spent much of her time in the outdoors, Elizabeth naturally turned to creating art from the things she found there: rocks, driftwood, old jars.  In young adulthood, Elizabeth followed her artistic bent by working with gems and creating unique jewelry for others.

These days you'll find that she follows her early interest in creating art from things of nature, and in doing so she honors her Native American heritage: dream catchers from twigs, shells and feathers; picture frames and jewel boxes from bark and porcupine quills.  As you browse our gallery, you'll find that Elizabeth's jewelry-making currently uses Native beading techniques.


"It's a pleasure to finish a piece of art... and a second joy knowing someone else finds it worthy of a purchase and is enjoying it."  ~Elizabeth Delene

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